Vol. 1-6 Box Set [VHS]: Eatman 98

Vol. 1-6 Box Set [VHS]: Eatman 98
Vol. 1-6 Box Set [VHS]: Eatman 98 Detail

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Vol. 1-6 Box Set [VHS]: Eatman 98 Description

More spirits live in Saito High School than in Harry Potter’s Hogwarts, including the Giant Who Dances in the Gym, anatomical model Haruo and his skeleton Bones, the dashing Scarlet Mantle, sexy Miss Hanako, the Girl in the Mirror, an animated statue–and the head of the school. The members of the “Holy Student Council” are charged with keeping them in line and fending off hostile entities. Council President Haruto Hokujo says he wants to lead a normal life but finds himself in the thick…

Bolt Crank is a mercenary who travels the land helping people in trouble. But he’s no ordinary mercenary. Bolt Crank is the man who eats metal! Anything he eats, can later be reformed into weapons, tools, and other devices, which emerge from his right hand. Now, Bolt’s first set of adventures is chronicled in this special Collector’s Box Set, containing all 12 episodes of the first Eat-Man TV series.

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Vol. 1-6 Box Set [VHS]: Eatman 98

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